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9 July, 1925


Miss G. L. Patrick

8, Church Green





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July 9, 1925,
Having a good holiday here. Miss Hyde & Miss Morley know we are visiting Ramnsey, so it will soon be known that we are coming to you. Admiral Jellico came to Lowestoft yesterday. We saw him. Miss Morley told me that Miss Patrick was away.
Love to you all,
yours aff.


Caption: Lowestoft Beach and Promenade

Jellicoe was promoted to Admiral of the Fleet on 3 April 1919. After WW1, he became Governor-General of New Zealand in September 1920. After that service, he returned to England and was created Earl Jellicoe and Viscount Brocas of Southampton in the County of Southampton on 1 July, 1925. Note that he became Lord Jellicoe just days before being spotted in Lowestoft.

A postcard featuring Admiral Jellico is at M0007.