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30 September, 1848




The London Illustrated News

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Caption: Lowestoft Harbour, With the Improvements

Lowestoft Harbour
The extensive improvements of the Haven was commenced in the spring of 1846; the plan being to construct a new Harbour, on a grand scale, and in connexion with it a railway joining the Norfolk line at Reedham; thus forming railway communication between the Harbour and all parts of England- a communication which will soon be extended througout Scotland.

The Act for improving the Harbour and forming the railway was passed in the early part of 1845. Messrs. Stephenson and Bidder were appointed engineers in chief, Mr. Hodges the resident engineer, and Mr. S. M. Peto the general contractor. In the enterprise of Mr. Peto originated this great work; having purchased the harbour and navigation in 1844, he with other gentlemen, chiefly in the neighbourhood, formed the above purpose a company, with capitol of £200,000.