Post Mark/Date

About 8 September 1908, but it's really a guess. The postmark is almost obliterated.


Miss Clements

13 Cheyne Walk


London, S.W.


EXL Series

Posted Message

Dear A.,Thank you for your nice letter. So glad to hear you got a place in London. I hope you will find it alright. I have got a place in ocire [sic]. Am waiting for an answer if she thinks I shall suit her. She wants me to come to see her. She returns to London on Thursday. but it is not exactly what I want but I must take what I can get as I am not to far away. I will write you a letter soon and let you know. I expect you will have plenty to do. Write soon and let me know how you get on. With love from all of us. Nettie


Caption: View From The Pier, Lowestoft

If you had a bit of money, then postcards were for fun. If you were a working class girl, as this writer who is talking about needing to take a posting (probably as household help) in London, even if she doesn't want it, then postcards were your main means of communication. Phoning up was out of the question and telegrams meant someone had died.