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15 November, 1902




Black and White Magazine

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Caption: Five lives lost within fifty yards of the Lowestoft Esplanade, November 5th

There was no article with this photo and I have the entire magazine. Black and White Magazine was a very cheap general-interest magazine with a few puff pieces about the King and courtiers doing fun things, like hunting and dancing; quite a few jokes and cartoons; and a feature article on a woman who keeps a pig for a pet.

The photo seems to be taken fairly close to the Kirkley Cliff beach area and shows a longshore boat upside down, up against where the concrete balustrade is today. If you look very closely into the distance you can see the faint outline of the reading room on the South Pier and the pier head. You can also see the start of the Claremont Pier construction, which was finished in 1903.