Post Mark/Date

9 July, 1915


Mrs. B. Rowland

3 Eton St.

Hessle Rd.



Collection of A. Taylor

Photographer/publisher: C. Wilson, Lowestoft

Posted Message

The price of extra copies like those sent is 1/6 for 1/ 3/6 for 3.

Post cards 3/= 1/2 Doz (6)
4/6 per dozen, (12)

Yours faithfully,

C. Wilson


Caption: Sparrows Nest Park

The message is from the photographer and gives his rates. Using an inflation calculator, one pound sterling in 1915 is worth £99.84 in 2018. However, guaging the difference between 1915 and 2018 can be tricky. Not only do you have to judge the rate of inflation, we have to change from old pounds to decimal pounds AND adjust for the different values of goods. Food and clothes were much more expensive then, but with no minimum wage and low taxes, labour was cheaper. The standard working class budget was 22 shillings per week, or £4/ 4s per month. So 1s/6d for one photo is about 1/20th of a working class weekly wage. In an effort to compare apples to apple, if we use a minimum living wage as a standard and not simply inflation, an employee today would work 2 hours to pay for one photo, or about £16. Not cheap.